TOKI’s Chef Takayuki Takahashi

Chef Takayuki Takahashi started with TOKI as assistant chef to Executive Chef Shinsuke Yonekawa. Working closely with Yonekawa equipped him with almost the same techniques.

With Chef Takahashi on board, nothing has changed, only getting better as he also introduces his own offerings which are as delectable and mouth-watering as the existing ones.

Chef Takahashi successfully continued his predecessor’s mission of delivering only the best for TOKI patrons. Hardworking and passionate of his craft, it is no wonder why more and more people visit the posh dining place.

Interestingly, Chef Takahashi’s younger days were indicative of his present stature. Born in Akita City, Japan, his parents raised him and his sister through the food business. His father makes Japanese Soba while his mother runs a cafe called “Friend” where at the tender age of six, he already started assisting.

His early training paved the way for him to discover a great passion for cooking and pursued it as he was maturing. After finishing high school, he took up a cooking course in college.

His vast work experience can very well attest to his evolution as in A-1 chef. His first job was as a cook in a local hotel in Akita called the Yokote Central Hotel. His next assignment was after five years in Sato Noya where he stayed for three years. After that, he went to Fumi Tsu and worked there for the next three years before moving to Tokyo where he spent a long tenure as a sushi chef for six years.

It was in November 2009 when he decided to relocate in the Philippines and joined TOKI as an assistant chef. Armed not just with the skill but also perseverance, hard work and a positive disposition, he eventually nabbed the distinct post as head chef.

Truly, Chef Takahashi’s success story is inspiring. His best-tasting menus are a product of years of dedication to this craft and like the proverbial vintage wine, he gets even better in passing of times. Under him, TOKI is sure to see brighter days ahead.

Chef Takayuki Takahashi

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